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An * denotes that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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Spicy jalapeños blended with hash browns and cheddar cheese fried golden brown and served with your choice of Red Hot, Honey Mustard, BBQ or Ranch

Beer-battered Mozzarella Sticks


Double-dipped mozzarella cheese sticks fried and served with your choice of Ranch, Red Hot, Honey Mustard or BBQ

307 Wing Platter


Six succulent chicken wings tossed in Frank’s ® Red Hot Sauce with your choice of dipping sauce


Tortilla chips heaped with taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions and olives with a side of pico de gallo and sour cream

Full Order 11.99 | Half Order 7.99

Salads & Chicken Quesadilla

Tijuana Caesar Salad


Crisp romaine topped with tortilla strips, peppers, and Caesar dressing. Finished with chipotle marinated chicken, avocado and lemon-lime garnish

307 Chef Salad


A bed of fresh lettuce topped with tomato,peppers, ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, hard-boiled egg and your favorite dressing

Chicken Quesadilla


Jalapeño and cheddar tortilla filled with cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese, accompanied with diced chicken and served with hand-chopped pico de gallo and sour cream

Burgers, Sandwiches & Such

The below items are served with your choice of Fries, Baked Beans,
Veggies or Tator Tots. Substitute Onion Rings for 2.50. Add side salad for .99

Beer-battered Chicken Strips


Finger Steaks*


Our Certified Angus Beef® pub steak cut into strips, battered
and fried a golden brown

Certified Angus Beef® Burgers*

Served with garnish Add any additional topping for 1.25.

Half-pound Burger 12.99 | Quarter-pound Burger 10.99

Cajun Burger*


Half-pound Certified Angus Beef® burger, seasoned with Cajun spice and broiled, topped with Pepper Jack cheese and bacon

Home Wrecker Burger*


This half-pound Certified Angus Beef® burger is so good, you will never want to eat at home again! Smothered in our secret sauce, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and tomato.



Served on Wheat Montana™ bread, white, wheat, sourdough or rye toast

Pulled Pork Sandwich


House smoked pulled pork on a bun with BBQ sauce

Steak Sandwich


6-oz. Certified Angus Beef® pub steak served open faced on grilled Wheat Montana™ bread with grilled mushrooms and onions

307 Burger*


Half-pound Certified Angus Beef® burger topped with BBQ sauce, two fried onion rings, bacon and Swiss cheese

Chipotle Burger*


Half-pound Certified Angus Beef® burger, sauced with chipotle, broiled and topped with caramelized onions, bacon, avocado and Pepper Jack cheese

Patty Melt*


Half-pound Certified Angus Beef® burger, served on grilled Wheat Montana™ rye bread and smothered with Swiss cheese and onions

French Dip


Thinly sliced Certified Angus Beef® roast beef, served on an oven-grilled Asiago loaf, served with a side of homemade au jus glaze

307 Rueben


Thinly sliced, Certified Angus Beef® corned beef, served on Wheat Montana™ rye bread loaded with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing

Baja Fish Tacos


Grilled tilapia served on two lightly fried tortillas that are a corn and flour blend with shredded cabbage, cheddar cheese, chipotle ranch and pico de gallo

Brisket Sandwich


House smoked brisket tossed with BBQ sauce and topped with melted chedder cheese and crispy fried onions

16-inch Oven Baked Pizzas

Pepperoni or Sausage Pizza 18.99
Meat Lovers Pizza 26.99
Additional Ingredients 1.50 each

The Final Destination

The below items served with Side Salad or Soup, Bread Boule and Fries, Baked Beans, Veggies or Tator Tots.
Substitute Onion Rings for 2.50.

Mr. B’s Chicken-Fried Steak*


Certified Angus Beef® hand breaded, grilled golden-crispy and finished with your choice of country or beef gravy

Certified Angus Beef® 307 Prime Rib*


307 Bar & Grill prime rib, apple smoked or slow roasted to seal in the natural juices signature prime

12-oz. 29.99 | 14-oz. 34.99 | 16-oz. 39.99

Certified Angus Beef® Ribeye Steak*


Delicious hand-cut ribeye steak, broiled slowly to retain its juices. 12-oz.

Jumbo Prawns


Our giant prawns served beer battered or scampi style, with your choice of soup or salad and potato.

The Perfect Ending

Mexican Fried Ice Cream


Vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut, fried and served with warm caramel, whipped cream and topped with cinnamon

Assorted Desserts


Ask your server for this week’s featured dessert

Wine List

White Wine

Sutter Home White Zinfandel

A classic

Glass 4.29 | Bottle 11.99

Charles Smith Pinot Grigio

Bright and fruity

Glass 6.99 | Bottle 18.49

Shooting Star Chardonnay

Smooth and refreshing

Glass 7.59 | Bottle 21.99

Barefoot Moscato

Glass 4.49 | Bottle 12.99

Rhine River Riesling

Glass 5.79 | Bottle 16.99

Cupcake Chardonnay

Hints of pineapple and citrus

Glass 5.59 | Bottle 15.69

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

Crisp and full bodied

Glass 7.59 | Bottle 21.99


Glass 8.79 | Bottle 25.99

Red Wine

Roscato Rosso

A sweet. sparkling red

Glass 7.29 | Bottle 21.79

7 Deadly Zins

Smooth with a nice blackberry finish

Glass 8.79 | Bottle 25.99

A to Z Pinot Noir

Silk smooth with flavors of fruit and vanilla

Glass 8.99 | Bottle 26.79

Radius Merlot

A classic that everyone loves

Glass 5.29 | Bottle 14.99

Liberty School Cabernet

Rich, smooth and perfect with steaks

Glass 8.99 | Bottle 26.79

Jacob's Creek Shiraz

Spicy and lively, perfect with sandwiches or burgers

Glass 5.29 | Bottle 14.99

Ménage a Trois

Fruit forward and smooth

Glass 5.99 | Bottle 17.99

Kaiken Malbec

Big and bold, an amazing wine

Glass 6.99 | Bottle 20.49

Red Rock Blend

A plush balance of Merlot, Cabernet and Petite Syrah

Glass 6.99 | Bottle 20.49

Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrel Cabernet

Rich and robust

Glass 7.79 | bottle 22.99

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